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Photo Gallery of Sizes

Pictures of Pets and Sizes

Size Small

Small: neck 32 cm / 13 in, chest 39 cm / 15 in, length 29.5 cm / 11.5 in. Estimated pet weight: 8 - 15 lbs

Ralph the Yorkie size small

Ralph the Yorkie, size small

Weezy Italian Greyhound size small

Weezy the Italian Greyhound (@weeztheig) fits the size small and medium but went with the medium for length.

Taffy the cat size small

Here's Taffy (13 lb cat) in a size small. Cats seem to fit either the small or medium -- depends on the floofiness level of the cat! 

Size Medium

Medium: neck 34 cm / 14 in, chest 48 cm / 16.5 in, length 36 cm / 14.25 in Estimated pet weight: 15 - 25 lbs

Weezy Italian Greyhound Size M

Weezy the Italian Greyhound (@weeztheig) in size medium.

Zoey Morkie size Medium

Zoey, Yorkie / Maltese cross, around 17 lbs, in a size medium.

Bentley Size Medium

Bentley, Jack Russell Terrier, in a size medium.

Brutus Shihtzu size medium

Brutus the Shih Tzu in a size medium

Size Large

Large: neck 38 cm / 15 in, chest 50 cm / 20 in, length 42 cm / 16.5 in Estimated pet weight: 25 - 40 lbs

 Cora the Corgi size L

Cora the Corgi fits size Large

Hobbes, the Frenchton, lounging in a size Large

 Angus Lhasa Apso size L

Angus the Lhasa Apso, around 25 lbs, fits size Large

Nova the Siberian Husky, around 40 lbs, fits size Large

Maya the Beagle fits size Large


Kaiser the Pomsky (@kaiserthepomsky) is wearing size Large in this picture, but a medium would have probably worked for him as well. 

Size X-Large

XL: neck 45 cm / 18 in, chest 58 cm / 22.5 in, length 48 cm / 19 in Estimated pet weight: 40 - 60 lbs

Wallace the Wheaten

Wallace the Wheaten Terrier (@wallacethewheaten), 50 lbs, wears a size XL. 

Remi, boxer cross, in a size XL

Remi, the boxer cross, 60 lbs, in a size XL

Loki, the lab / husky cross, around 65 lbs, fits a size XL

Mylo the goat size XL

Mylo the goat wears a size XL

Size 2XL

2XL: neck 58 cm / 23 in, chest 72 cm / 28 in, length 58 cm / 23 in Estimated pet weight: 60 - 90 lbs

Kovu German Shepherd size 2XL 

Kovu the German Shepherd tried on the 2XL and 3XL. There is some stretch to the 2XL and it fits him, but he went with the 3xl even though there is extra room. See below.


Ripley the lab in a 2XL

Size 3XL

The 3XL is quite big. If the chest measurement for your dog is close but below the size for the 3XL, I'd recommend you go with the 2xl as there is some stretch to the sweaters.

3XL: neck 66 cm / 26 in, chest 86 cm / 34 in, length 66 cm / 26 in Estimated pet weight: 90 - 150 lbs

 Kovu 3XL

Kovu trying on the 3XL. You can see that there is extra room for him and the neck is wider. The 3XL is longer, but the trade-off is the extra width around the body.


Bones is a 160 lb great dane. He fits the 3xl. It was a bit tricky to get his legs through, but the sweater does stretch to fit him.